Custom-fitted glasses in four simple steps
A 4-up image showing the Fitz Frames app, choosing frame types, getting fit, placing an order


Simple, from start to glasses

No more trips back and forth to the store. Our app is fun and easy to use. Your kid gets measured and picks their favorite style and color. Choose your lenses and order glasses. All in under 5 minutes. From anywhere.

Customized name printed inside the frames


Custom built for them, by them

Each frame is made for each kid’s unique and awesome face, from the width of their nose to the angles of their ears. Their name inscribed inside says it all — frames built for them and no one else.

Fitz Frames glasses shown in the colors of the USA, red white and blue


Made in the USA

Each pair of custom-fit glasses are built from state-of-the-art materials using 3D laser sintering at our facility in Youngstown, Ohio. And because there is no wasted material during manufacturing, it’s greener too!

Multiple shots of a kid jumping and having fun


Lightweight, durable, and play-ready

We use components that surpass the life-time durability and impact resistance of typical plastic frames. Our snap-fit hinge provides even more protection against breakages and injuries.


A plan for when life happens



One time purchase


Hey, we get it. Kids lose, break, and grow out of their glasses.
We have a solution: Our subscription plan. 
You get as many glasses as your kid needs.


Starting at $185/yr

Prescriptions, Blue Light, or Sunglasses


Download the app and get Fitz’d.