Custom-fitted glasses in four simple steps

Introduction from founder Heidi Hertel


We created Fitz for our kids...and yours.

Eyeglasses are the one thing kids wear from morning until bedtime. We decided "good enough" isn't good enough.


Welcome to Fitz


 After years looking for something better, we decided to build it for our kids...and your family.



What other parents say

We’ve been testing our app and glasses with families just like yours, here’s what they have to say:


It’s so fun and easy!

“After visiting several stores and spending over $300 on my 5 year-old’s glasses, they still didn’t fit her face properly. With Fitz, we got glasses that were the perfect fit and also saved us a lot of time and money.”

- Rachel


Better design.

“Our weekends are full throttle. Between football, soccer, and tennis, broken hinges were an almost weekly occurrence. But with Fitz, we simply pop them back in and play on.”

- Samantha


Just fits so much better.

“My son was so excited to use the Fitz app to choose his glasses. He had the chance to select the shape, color, and put his name inside - making him feel in charge of the process and eager to get them.”

- Angel


Download the app and get Fitz’d.